Friday, October 22, 2010

Year 2010 Update

Its been quite awhile since I have blogged and the 2010 year has been quite eventful in our household. I have been working at Hobby Lobby since May of 2009 and really enjoy my job. Robert enlisted in the National Guard and was gone from Jan till July and that was so heart breaking for this mom; especially during boot camp (10 weeks) that we didn't get to talk to him much.

Rob had rotator cuff, bicep and labrum surgery July 2nd and recovered till October and then on Sept 29 I had two discs in my neck replaced with my own bone and artificial bone and then fused together so I am now recovering and its been a hard transition. I will be out of work until Dec 22. I have always taken care of Rob during his surgery's so this is a new thing being the patient and I would rather be the care giver in all honesty.

Robert is now dating a wonderful girl, Tracy Schwark and we have really enjoyed her. No drama which has been such a blessing in our lives. He is going to enroll back in school in January to finish his associates degree and then he is looking into going into the Police Academy.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Hall Update

This is our niece, Alyssa on Christmas Eve opening presents. It is amazing how old she is getting.
Here is Zack, our nephew on my side.

This is Travis which is one of our great nephews on Rob's side. He is a very serious baby but loves music so hopefully one day his smiles will come out. I think he is just trying to figure things out.

This is our oldest great nephew, Jack and he will be 3 years old this year. He is very quiet until you get to know him and always runs and hides when he first sees you because he is so reserved. His brother Sam just turned a year old and has the same personality which is quite odd because their dad is our nephew Adam and he has always been the most friendlist and loves people. When Adam married Amber our family got a great addition to our family which is Amber's daughter, Shelby. She is a wonderful sister to the boys and soon she will have a sister. Amber is due to have a girl----YEAH!!!! in May and we are all so excited to add a girl to the abundance of great nephews.

This is Nathan the little chatter box and his brother Noah behind him in the picture. Nathan loves everybody and will talk to anyone and repeat anything!!!! Now his mom, Amy which is Rob's niece is very quiet and reserved...I think they switched

It has been a long time since I have been on the blog here but only because not too much exciting going on. The CHRISTmas season was great as always and am so glad that we have Jesus in our lives. With all the great nephews that we have had over the last few years it was extremely fun to watch the little ones this year open presents and see the joy upon their faces. I didn't get pictures of our great nephew Sam and Aiden opening gifts because Sam was napping and I was helping Aiden open his gift. It is so much fun to see the different personalities they all have.
I am once again without a job and it is getting pretty depressing and now I am waiting to see if I will get the remainder of my 20 week Federal Unemployment Extension. I have been searching but not much out there and many of the jobs I have applied for are part time which I wouldn't mind but I have always carried the health benefits for us so after the 20th of January we will be without health benefits.
We are heading for Orange, Texas on Friday, January 23rd for a mission trip for disaster relief from Hurricane Ike. I am definitely excited for warmer weather because I dislike Michigan weather!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We have found a couple construction companies in the area that are looking for work so Rob is going to check that out while we are there. At this point we don't have much to lose. Even if he works there for a few weeks and then comes home for a week or so. Wherever God sends us is what we will have to do. I have been ready to leave Michigan for a few years but Rob has a hard time leaving. The biggest obstacle would be for me is leaving Robert behind but at least I know he has family and friends here. We will see what happens. Even if it is for just a time that is fine also. We just need to be able to pay our bills and put food on our table.
So as we keep searching for work we will keep the faith that God is going to provide for our every provision and keep smiling!!!!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Good and Bad Colon Update

I had a colonoscopy done today and the results were good right now but can turn bad. I have diverticulosis in 2/3 of my colon...yes that is 2/3rds. I was in shock about that and it never goes away but it can be contained with my diet. Now I am back on fruits and veggies since I need 25-30 grams of fiber a day. I can have red meat twice a week and I LOVE red meat so this is going to be the biggest challenge of them all. I am not a turkey, chicken and fish eater and of course I can have all I want of that. Limited dairy since it does curdle and clings to a colon that does not work properly. Whole grain breads, pastas and rices are a good thing along with high fiber cereal (most high fiber cereal taste like eating hay) but I can do Raisin Bran which has 7 grams per cup.

The colonoscopy was a breeze and I didn't feel a thing and the fastest test done when you are put out. What they use to put you out doesn't make you feel droggy (is that a word?) when you wake up and you pretty much have your senses about you. The nurse said in 20 seconds I would be out and of course I was going to battle that and beat that 20 seconds but I only got to 4 and I don't remember anything besides waking up and Rob sitting in the chair next to me. No pain, no discomfort and the nicest nurses and doctors ever. I just know that I missed 10-15 minutes of my life that I don't remember but it was fast so no complaints there.

So as we were driving home I said to Rob, "So what happens if this diet doesn't curtail the pain and infections." I had a hard time taking anything in after the dr said that 2/3rds of my colon is affected. I was in complete shock and really kind of scared. Robs reply was that the doctor said that they would have to remove the 2/3rds. So I asked "Can I live like this, with only 1/3 working?" The doctor said for a time but then I would probably end up with stomach problems because the colon wouldn't have time to process the food so my best option in life at this time is to eat the fruits and veggies and stay away from the other junk in my life otherwise I could be on a bag the rest of my life.

Here is my conclusion right now: God has been working on me spiritually with so many things the last six months and now he is cleansing my body also to get rid of the "JUNK" in my life. I have learned a lot and realized that God is my provider and what is here on this earth is NOT eternal but the hope I have in HIM is eternal and I thank HIM for that. I have grown so much in my faith the last six months and have realized that no one person on this earth can give me the satisifaction that I need besides God. HE is our sustainer as long as we let HIM be!!!! I remember a time when there would be trouble I would run from HIM and say "If you love me why am I going through this" but now I can say I fall to my knees and ask HIM to take me into HIS Holy of Holies.

As I sit here in tears I will keep smiling that Jesus died on the cross for my sin and yours to cover us with HIS amazing love.

Monday, September 8, 2008

Richmond Good Ole Days Parade

We went and supported David Engle in the parade on Sunday afternoon. He is a fireman for Lenox Township and was asked to walk in the parade. The Engle family have became great friends of ours from church and we consider them a major part of our family. David's wife Ruth and I have became great friends and we have had some wonderful times together. Keep up the great marriage that you are both working to strive for!!! Love Ya!!!

Cindy & Terry's 25th Wedding Anniversary

Rob's sister, Cindy and her husband Terry renewed their vows for their 25th anniversary on Sept 6th out at 34 & Romeo Plank at one of their friends house. It was beautiful.

This is their son Kyle and Kyle's son Travis. They all stood up in the renewal.
Kyle, Travis, Nicholas and his son Adien. Nicholas is also their son.
They were hoping that their grandsons would walk with Terry down the walkway but Travis and Aiden didn't want any part of that so Terry had to pick them up and carry them.

Rob and I posing for a picture at the pond in front of the house where they had their renewal at. It was a beautiful place.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Colon Specialist Update

I seen the colon specialist last night and I have a colonoscopy on Sept 23. He wants to wait six weeks after the initial attack before going in. I have a new diet that I am not especially fond of but if it will stop these attacks I will do it. My diet now consists of breads, pasta, rice, chicken, turkey, broths and jellos. That is it. He said my worst enemies are vegetables and fruits at this point until my colon gets healthier and if it ever gets healthy again. That is what the colonoscopy is going to tell whether I will be able to eat normally again.

I was up all night again with pains and the works and sitting on the toilet for hours. I can't imagine that I have to go through this for three more weeks unless bleeding occurs then I am to go straight to the hospital.

Keep smiling!!!!!

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Exhausted, Tired and on the road to depression

Well I don't even know where to start besides sometimes life is just a little depressing. I have been job searching for a good month consistently!!!!!! My unemployment runs out in four weeks and I still have nothing lined up. I earned an associates degree in accounting and still cannot find a job in this messed up economy and state and have to start paying on that degree in January. The jobs that are out there are a joke anymore. $8.50 an hour and no benefits to run an office. I mean every aspect of the office...accounts payable, receivable, phones, dispatching, scheduling and the works. Now how does one pay bills plus medical benefits with $8.50 an hour? Sure jobs are not paying what they use to but our bills did not magically disappear.

I am crying out to God right now continually and I just know that HE is going to see me through this otherwise I am going to lose my sanity. I keep trying to think of the positives in life such as my husband and son. If we lost everything except one another it wouldn't matter at this point!! I surely am NOT taking it with me when I go to Heaven. I keep trying to remind myself of what is really important in this life on earth and that is shining the light of JESUS!!!! but sometimes it sure is hard when things aren't going my!!!!!! So I will wait on the Lord and trust in HIM to bring us through this.

Keep smiling!!!!!!!